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CelticCountries.com is always interested in hearing from writers who would like to contribute to our webmagazine. If you would like to write for us, please make sure you read this page before handing in your proposal.

Before you send your proposal

CelticCountries.com showcases the Celtic nations through interesting and entertaining articles about culture, business, and governance. Stories about cross-cultural similarities and cross-national, inter-celtic cooperation are often featured prominently in our webmagazine.

Please send your story or article proposal to  . All stories should be sent as attachments to your email and in Rich Text File (.rtf) or Text Only (.txt) formats. Photos are essential, and the more we have to choose from the better. Photos should be e-mailed in .jpg, or .png format. Please provide full caption details with any images. The name of the photographer should be clearly stated for proper photo credit.

Please be sure to include a short cover letter in your e-mail submission that includes your name, full mailing address and email address. We cannot accept your work without your contact information.

When sending us your proposal, tell us about the topic, your angle (and what the other side is saying), and why you think your story would interest CelticCountries.com readers.

After you send your proposal

The editor reserves the right to accept or reject publication of any submitted material. We cannot guarantee that we will accept every submitted article. Where we find your idea appealing, we will liaise with you over the details of your submission and agree terms.

CelticCountries.com has editorial control over any article selected for publication. Whilst we make every effort to retain the original wording, occasionally we may make amendments and articles may be cut to fit the space available. Every effort will be made to consult with you throughout the editing process and usually we will send you a copy of the edited manuscript.


CelticCountries.com cannot, at this time, afford to compensate its writers for their work. If we start making lots of money in the future, this policy may change.


You own your story. If your article is published in CelticCountries.com, you will retain the copyright and you will be free to post elsewhere.

To assure our writers gain as much exposure as possible around the world, CelticCountries.com has adopted a Creative Commons, attribution, non-commercial, no derivative works licence for its content. We asume the right to syndicate your writing and the right to include your work in our unlimited academic licence package, which grants academic institutions the right to use CelticCountries.com content as an educational resource. All CelticCountries.com articles are published under this default licence unless previously agreed with the individual author. You can learn more about this scheme at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.5/scotland/legalcode.

Celtic Countries is the online magazine for people who enjoy the Celtic nations, their natural splendour, culture, and lifestyles.

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