Scotland's Stewart dynasty on collectors stamps

Scotland's Stewart dynasty on collectors stamps

Britain's Royal Mail issues a thematic series of stamps featuring the seven Stewart kings and queen of Scotland.

Issued on 23 March 2010, The House of Stewart collection features modern portraits of each of the seven Stewart kings and queen who ruled Scotland from 1406 until the Union of the Crowns with England in 1603.

The stamps collection include portraits of James I to VI, as well as Scotland's most famous queen, Mary Queen of Scots.

Besides the House of Stewart Stamp Set, a Miniature Sheet of stamps marking significant events and figures during the age of the Stewarts are also being issued.

The events featured on the House of Stewart Miniature Sheet are the Foundation of the University of St Andrews in 1413, the foundation of the College of Surgeons in 1505, the foundation of Court of Session in 1532, and the religious reformer John Knox.

The issue also includes a presentation pack discussing the history of the Stewarts, together with a highly collectable cachet cover and stamp cards allowing every detail of these regal stamps to be enjoyed.

Launching the stamp series at Stirling Castle, the historical seat of the Stewarts, Scottish historian Neil Oliver said: "The Stewart monarchy is a fascinating period of Scottish history with many dramatic characters and events. I’m delighted that Royal Mail is helping bring history to life through its series of stamps."

The House of Stewart collection is expected to be highly popular with stamps collectors as well as anyone who is interested in Scottish history.

The House of Stewart stamps' collection is available online at

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