Celtic Kilts: Hybrid Utility-Tartan Kilt - Available in 12 Different Tartans
Hybrid Utility-Tartan Kilt

Hybrid Utility-Tartan Kilt - Available in 12 Different Tartans

Price: €49.99
Kilt Size (Waist Measure at Navel Height)
The best of both worlds: a classic tartan kilt blended with a modern utility cargo kilt, designed to stand up to rugged wear with ease while looking stylish wherever you wear it.

+ A quality 5 yard kilt with everything you love about the classic tartan kilt and with all of the functionality of a utility kilt.
+ Made of 100% heavy duty black cotton and 13oz acrylic woven tartan cloth.
+ Regular 62cm (24") drop and deeply pleated traditionally to sett. 
+ Two side straps to fasten Kilt; Straps allow kilt to give or take roughly 10cm (4") either way on the stated size.
+ Deep cargo pockets on each side with carpenter's flaps for storing essentials like mobile phones and wallet.
+ Finished with exterior belt loops and a 100% polyester blend waist interior lining.

Kilt Waist - How to measure for your Kilt:
Take a measuring tape around your waist. The waist measurement should be taken about 2-4 cm (1-2 inches) above the navel (belly button). Stand straight, with your feet together, and don't look down. Take a firm but comfortable measurement. This will give you the Kilt waist measurement.
Please measure also the length from your belly button to the centre of your kneecap. The standard drop of our kilts is 62cm (24'') and this fits most of our customers. Please get in touch if you need a shorter or longer length and we will do our best to custom make one for you.

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