Soft Toys: Male Bullfinch Soft Toy with Real Bird Call
Male Bullfinch Soft Toy with Real Bird Call

Male Bullfinch Soft Toy with Real Bird Call

Price: €12.99
The Bullfinch is a common resident breeder in the Celtic rainforest, although it can also be seen in parkland and gardens. Soft toy with real bird call, measures approx. 17 cm (6.7'')

Named for its characteristic heavy build and thick “bullish” neck, the Bullfinch is a stocky bird. It is an unobtrusive bird that usually feeds quietly hidden away in a tree or shrub, in pairs or small groups, mainly on the buds of Celtic rainforest trees (Oak, Cherry, Hawthorn) as well as seeds and berries.

This is a cuddly, singing soft toy with an authentic digitally reproduced bird call. This lovely Bullfinch simply neds a squeeze and you can listen to his call.

The Bullfinch's usual call is a quiet, low, melancholy whistled “peu”, sometimes doubled “peu-peu”.

Perfect for story-telling and imagination play by bird-loving children and adults alike.

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