Red Squirrel Plush Soft Toy

Red Squirrel Plush Soft Toy

Price: €12.99
The red squirrel is a beautiful animal native to the Celtic nations. Plush soft toy, measures approx. 17cm (6.7'')

Red squirrels were once the only species of squirrel in the Celtic nations. This changed with the introduction of the grey squirrel to Great Britain from America in the late 1800s. The future of our native red squirrel is increasingly uncertain as the introduced American grey squirrel expands its range across the country.

Red squirrels are seed eaters. They favour pine cones, but also eat fungi, shoots and fruits of shrubs and trees. Red squirrels build large nests often in the forks of tree trunks. They do not hibernate and store fungi in trees to eat over the winter months. They are usually solitary, but they do not mind social interactions and related squirrels will share nests to keep warm during cold winter months.

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