Manx Diaspora

Manx Diaspora

Manx communities and societies in Europe, in the Americas, and rest of the world:

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United Kingdom:
- London Manx Society. Since 1895 the Society has met regularly keeping alive its long tradition of providing a focal point for Manx people, and those with Manx connections, who live in and work in the London area and the south-east of England.

- Luxembourg Manx Society. The purpose of LMS is to foster business, cultural, sporting and social interchange between Luxembourg and the Isle of Man.


- North American Manx Association

Rest of the world

- Queensland Manx Society. Founded in 1914, the Society has over 120 members, mostly from south east Queensland, but some of our members come from as far away as Northern New South Wales, far western Queensland as well as North Queensland and Islands on the Great Barrier reef.

- Dubai Manx Society

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